It’s Not a Rehearsal, It’s The Real Thing…

I’m amazed by how she described her hearing with her new digital hearing aids. She said that her close friend, commented to her after she said how she purchased new hearing aids, and how amazing her hearing now is. He shared with her that, life is not a rehearsal, it’s the real thing. He wanted to relate the importance of improved hearing and how it helps her to connect to life. I found this to be quite profound!

She went on to share, “It’s been a wonderful week. My new hearing aids brought in sounds I can’t remember hearing. I could hear the rain outside and hadn’t in years. I enjoy dancing every week with friends and found that I could hear speech around me at the table even when the music from a live band was playing. The music is the way it “should be”. The music had a fullness whereas before, was distorted and not clear. I can sit and have a conversation with my friends and this was not possible before. Another example, I could hear the water running in the sink when I forgot to turn off the faucet handle. This is amazing”.

Written by: Rich

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