Dr. Reikowski in Mexico

Mission Memories of Phil Ortiz

What wonderful memories I have of Phil Ortiz. He was a man of amazing humility in giving the gift of vision to others. I had the pleasure of working on I Care International hearing missions, serving those with hearing loss in lower Mexico. Phil was one of the founders of I Care International in 1989. Phil and his many vision volunteers would help those in underserved parts of the world with vision evaluations and free eyeglasses. The video below pays tribute to Phil’s many years of eye care service. During the first hearing mission I attended, Phil and his vision team worked alongside our hearing team. This video brought back so many fond memories of a time that I cherish! In fact, it was during the 1997 mission to Guanajuato, Mexico that I met my wife Terry! Well done Phil, what a life of true giving! I look forward to one day returning to help on a hearing mission.

(Below are pictures of my 1997 hearing mission to Guanajuato, Mexico)

Hearing Mission to Mexico

Dr. Reikowski in Mexico

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