Specialty Consultations are available.

Our practice is seeing a greater amount of special consultations with new patients requesting professional opinions. After 25 years of serving the NE Ohio community, we are very fortunate to be recognized in the specialty areas of hearing, balance, tinnitus, and implants. We are often asked to offer a view for treatment with new hearing devices. We have seen increased numbers of patients with unique balance concerns. Tinnitus is a chief concern for many as it distracts their attention from enjoying quiet moments, as well as negatively affecting sleep patterns. There appears to be a commonality in the reason for an increase in these visits, with the reason being patients are provided with tests and a myriad of results with a lack of direction or how to resolve their needs. People are seeking answers and a solution. There is so much available online per see, but the importance of a face-to-face conversation of specifics with a professional is what’s needed.

We are here to be of service. This may include reviewing diagnostic results completed by other medical professionals, as well as within hospital settings. We take pleasure in guiding patients to the best solutions and answering specific questions in search of help. Our doctors of Audiology are dedicated to each patient and what’s important to their quality of life.

Written by: Rich

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